The 3 tenses of life…

Language taught us in school
To by heart all the grammar rule
Not one mistake, the teacher would shout
I happened to pass but still in doubt

A story that ended is called the past
With memories and lessons that forever last
Seemed quite an easy task as she did speak
But to let go is as complicated as Greek

The present is what is going on today
Her words went with the flow as she did say
To make each day as special as it can be
For you never know how many more would you see

The future has so much to tell
But for now lets not play the magic spell
Her words echoed in my ears as I did hear
I wonder why is tomorrow what we fear

Our childhood did teach us the theory well
But we fail to apply it when we face hell
To let go and move on is indeed a treat
If you wish to believe in the days you are yet to greet

Take the lessons from the past and grow
Does not matter if you are slow
Make each moment a memory in your head
Cherish the good ones while you in bed

Dream to make the future bright
Darkness only helps to see the spark in the light
If you excel in this theory some day
Language will have more meaning to play

Teachers were always right
But your life is your own fight
One day you shall have a story to share
Where life would be nothing but just fair

Learn the tenses life does teach
In phases of course that we do preach
Sometimes things only happen to make you realise
The world after all is not that wise

You will get through the hard times just like school
After all nothing really has a rule
Time will come and time shall pass
It’s up to us to score a first class


For the time…

For the time you were near
I lived life with no such fear
For the time you will be away
I will curse life in each and every way

For the time you did care
I thought life was sorted and fair
For the time you will be far
I wonder how i’ll cross the bar

For the time you shared with me
I have learnt to be happy and free
For the time you will go apart
I dont know how will i even start

For, the time will come and pass
Leaving behind memories of glass
For, the time will take it all along
Before i realise i have not yet finished the song

For this time i would say
Make most of each passing day
Today is yours, tomorrow may not be
Lets make it happy for you and me

For this time will never come back
Does not matter whats left in your sack
For the time once gone can not be undone
Lets make today joyful and fun

For the time i have you here
I want to love you dear
For the time i dont know when
You would be gone to another den

For the time i can see you now
Show me to live the how
For the time your eyes chose to close
I”ll let you go without any force

For the time when you were in my arm
I could feel the world satisfied and calm
For the time you did comfort me too
I will try to do away without you

For the time my heart did beat so loud
I could see you even amongst a crowd
For the time you will no more be there
I wonder how the pain I will bear

For the time when the clock stood still
Taking me into the cloud up the hill
For a time till a bubble burst of lies, false promises and false hope
Leaving me shattered, clinging to the rope

For the time will never be right
But i got to learn how to fight

For the time I have left with my sight
May God help me find some light



The Climb

A 5 step ladder at work I see
Apex is where I would want to be
I work hard and wait for my appraisal
Only to know it’s again a dismal

I stand at the same spot yet again
Not knowing where to hide in vain
I did every thing that she did too
Then why is it that she can skip the queue

Two years passed and I was slow at progression
She some how managed to make merry of her recognition
A time came when she approached me for her greed
I wondered what is it in me that she does need

How did she climb so quick
Or was luck playing a trick
I spend nights analysing the riddle
As to why I was still stuck in the middle

Few more years passed and I came to know
What matters is how much you grow
And not how soon it is
As sometimes being at the bottom is a bliss

I learnt that the more you stay below
The stronger your roots do grow
It may not be visible to the naked eye
But deep within you have got your answer to why

Never run too fast to be the first
You will have to stop someday to quench your thirst
You can also skip steps if you hop
But be careful where you need to stop

You can throw a ball only after you how to hold
Not every rule is supposed to be told
Find out your own pace and walk it in style
The journey then will last for more than a while



Do you really want to know?
Or you prefer going with the flow?
Will anticipating change the now?
If yes then I wonder how!

Everything we do is linked to Tomorrow
How do you see yourself grow?
Asked the interviewer to the aspiring candidate
Who has no idea what’s in his fate

Why do we think beyond our reach
When today has so much to teach
Let go of the what if and but also phase
Be ready to find your way through the maze

Remember that a path is only made for those
In whom he sees potential to feel the stem with the rose
Today may not be as magical now
But it’s journey we need to walk somehow

To think about the days after is not bad
But to let that kill you now is a fad
Stop looking for answers you cant find
For future can only be in your mind

Let your heart beat with the happiness you share
For all the love and blissful care
For a mind can maybe help u live by the role
But my friend your heart is not a fool

Don’t worry about how tomorrow will be
Maybe today is the only rain you will get to see
Sometimes enjoying the moments now can help you
To look at future from a different view


What’s right!

The world that we live in
It’s often hard to win
With the chaos that goes all round
It takes peace to hear your own sound

People are different and have their own ways
Each coming from life’s own phase
Some wish to climb the ladder with fame
Others prefer playing the political game

No one can be classified as wrong or right
As each of us have our very reason to fight
Some say it openly without a push
Others choose to beat round the bush

Happiness is indeed a thought in your head
For some it’s about the mouths you fed
Success is to find the strength within
That stops you from every calling sin

If you are right , walk in style
it may take a while
For gold to shine from within the grave
But be priceless for others to save



There’s a place where I go that no one else knows

Where mysteries unfold and excitement grows

A place out of reach of any man’s hands

Safely isolated in a far away land

Beyond the reach of those who may plunder

The wealth of its power and its life changing wonder
I go alone to my secret place, never leaving a trace

For someone to follow and discover my space

Where I keep my secrets, my fears, and my regrets

Away from the world and all of its threats

I treasure the moments spent in this realm

Where anything is possible and I’m at the helm
There is no one in there to score you a ten

You are the master of your own den

Where you visualise your life ahead 

Counting sheeps restlessly rolling on bed

What changes is the thought that put you to sleep

Was it a memory or a moment too deep
You enter a world you wish you did lead

Hoping a tree would grow from an un sown seed

What you see in it then translates into reality that bytes

Untill you have the will to stay up through the nights

This place I describe is all that it seems …

It’s a magical place I call my dreams
Next day strikes and I begin my walk

Waiting for the two to meet on the clock

It’s 12 again and I am at my best

When I hit my bed to get some rest

Another dream on yet another day

Countless additions to my book while I grey


When I was dreaming about my chances of success

I happened to stumble upon a topic that could lead me to the crest

I tried to analyse what’s different in our methods of play

For we are all given equal amount of clay

What is it that you have and I don’t seek

Is it that you are more powerful or am I too weak

Is luck a factor to ponder upon

Should I really be stressing myself at dawn

Why are somethings impossible for the rest

Do you really have to be the best

Is it worth putting this much effort to build a castle

When you know a blow can cause a hassle

You have endless things coming your way

Each demanding you a unique role to play

Should you do all of it just right

Or just focus on what’s within your sight

You often dwell in so much of a mess

That focus is ought to be relatively less

You want this and a little bit of that

But do we have the discipline to wear every hat

Have a plan to get through the road

You will soon see yourself worthy enough to carry the load

Opportunities arise when you begin to find

All you need is a disciplined mind

It’s only you who can decide the limit

To what’s beyond and what does fit

Set your own goals and deadline

Religiously follow it and you would do just fine

One more day gone and I stand at the same end

Wondering about the dreams I can still mend

Now I know why Discipline is what my guide stressed on

It’s the only thing that can make up for the time that is gone